Growing Up

Growing Up


When we are 18 years old…….nevermind…….16 years old, we all think we have life figured out.  There can’t be a curveball out there we haven’t seen.  Yet, as we hit our 20s we realize that we haven’t even begun to live and experience life.  By 30, we are living a life we once thought was only reserved for those old enough to be our parents……. most of us are the parents.  Every curveball imaginable is thrown our way and we are suppose to handle it like a “grown-up”.  At first our 30-something-self wants to resist this growing up.  We tell ourselves we are still young.  Then one day we look at a 16 year old (or even a 20-something year old) and see that WE ARE DIFFERENT and different is a pretty good place to be.  That may not be your take on life, but it most certainly is mine right now.

I mysteriously grew up over the past few years.  I shake my head at “kids” and tell my own children to turn the television down.  I roll my eyes at the disrespect of the teenie-boppers at the park.  I remember my parent’s birthdays when I made them a cake eerily similar to the one I just blew candles out on in August.  I AM OLD!  Sure, those of you in the 50 and older group are rolling your eyes at my 30-somethingness…..It’s all I got…..bare with me 🙂  The funny thing is, I’m sort of embracing this “old”.  With this “old” comes a newfound confidence that is tough to crack.  I don’t care that my pants came from Wal-Mart.  I’ll tell you proudly where I bought them and how much they cost.  I don’t care if I’m wearing workout clothes all day long.  It suits me and my schedule, plus my husband think I look good.  I don’t have time to worry if you are judging me or not.  Quite frankly…..I’m trying hard to quiet that kind of noise around me. Here I am World…….ALL GROWN UP!

Remember this from Middle School.....This post just reminds me of it!

I remember this from Middle School… least I learned it in Middle School 🙂

This self-actualized-sort-of-place is the thing that has pulled me out of a tough (and long) off-season from triathlon.  It is like all of the sudden I find myself content to be the athlete I am RIGHT NOW.  I am the only one who matters.  What I think and feel in my head and body is good enough for me.   I do like this place!  I desperately needed this place!  I can’t wait to see what comes from being here.

I’ve been suffering from this nagging injury in my hip/hamstring/glute area of my left leg.  Instead of fighting against it, I’ve decided to completely embrace it.  I’m not denying anymore that something isn’t quite right.  I’m looking at it head-on and taking care of it right now.  I’ve grown-up enough to know that just running the training plan that I have always done (or think I “should” be doing) is not going to get me one step farther towards my 2013 goals.  What will get me there is persistence in making my body FEEL GREAT!  So I’ve stepped out of the box for 2013.  That is HUGE for me……

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