HIIT Programs

This is HIIT!

This is HIIT!

Winter 2013/2014 Classes Began December 2nd will go through March 6th!

Registration for 2013/2014 is now closed



1.  Road, triathlon or mountain bike

2.  Good indoor trainer.  A fluid model is strongly recommended

3.  Cadence monitor.  This is a necessity!

4.  Additional 6 inch front wheel riser (this is in addition to your standard riser you use for stability).  The goal is to elevate your front wheel six inches above your rear wheel for climbing position.  You can use a stack of hard-back books.  A wooden box.  An actual climbing box.  Wooden boxes measuring 12x12x6 are available for purchase for $10.  Submit your request here.

5.  Punctuality and Perseverance!  You need to be ON TIME.  Plan to be to class roughly 15 minutes prior to the start time in order to set up and be ready to ride.  The greatest benefits come from attending two or most of the classes each week in this progressive program.


YOU SHOULD!   If you are a roadie, triathlete or mountain biker you will benefit from this structured, progressive program.  With that being said, you should have at least one season of outdoor riding under your belt and feel comfortable riding for 2-3  hours at a time.  We can’t deny it.  HIIT IS HARD!  This program is not recommended for the recreational cyclist or the beginner.  If you have questions about your participation, please ask.


For 2013/2014 classes will be held Monday morning (9:30a) and Tuesday and Thursday nights (6:30p) each week for 13-weeks.  You can choose to attend one or two classes each week.  Monday and Tuesday will be the “B” workout (the longer, harder workout) and Thursday will be the “A” workout (just about as hard, but a little shorter to save your legs for your weekend).  The program is designed that you complete two workouts each week with 1-2 days in between workouts.  If you can only attend one class with the group each week, you can supplement your 2nd workout by an at-home workout that will be posted each week.  A 3rd day of riding each week on your own should focus on outdoor long, endurance riding.

Workouts will last anywhere from 1 hour and 20 minutes to almost 2 hours.  Workouts include high cadence drills, isolated leg training, long climbs, intervals of varying length and intensity, sprints and other power development exercises.  Having a cadence monitor is crucial.  Cadence is an objective marker that we use to make sure we are using the appropriate power and intensity during the different parts of the workout.  Power meters are extremely useful as well, but not necessary.

The program is progressive and builds from week to week.  You receive the greatest benefit from attending as many classes as possible.  Of course, it is expected that you will have to miss a few classes over the 13-weeks.   Missing more than 4 classes will set you back in the progression and it can become difficult to catch up.

Classes will be held in the back half of the Northwest gym (black gym) at the WCCC.  You will be able to enter the community center through a back door (northwest side of the building) that will allow you limit the amount of bike juggling you will have to do.  Please park in front of the Reception Center and walk your bike around the back to the door.  You should prepare to show up to class 15 minutes in advance to set up your trainer and bike.

No classes will be held between December 24th-31st.  Workout 4B will be taught on December 23rd @ 9:30a and Thursday, January 2 @ 6:30p.  Participants should complete Workout 4A on their own the week of December 30th.  All participants are encouraged to participated in the December 23rd and January 2nd workouts even if they don’t usually attend on those particular days.

Nutrition is also a crucial part of having a successful experience in HIIT.  Be prepared for evening classes by eating an early dinner/larger snack that will be digested by the time we are ready to start (2-3 hours in advance).  For morning classes, DO NOT come on an empty stomach.  Make sure to eat something substantial enough to manage your energy.  You may also want to bring a small high-calorie snack to use part way through the workout (eg.  Stinger Waffles or chews, SportBeans or GU, etc.), as well as electrolytes and plenty of water.  You’ll be working hard and you need to be well fueled.

Remember you are riding your outdoor bike.  Flats happen even indoors.  It’s a good idea to have a few tools and a tube or two on hand just in case.

Bring your own towels…….because I promise there will be PLENTY of sweat!