My Week In Numbers

Running:  28.5 miles
Indoor Biking (Trainer & Spin):  60 miles
Outdoor Biking:  68 miles
Swimming:  6000 meters
Laundry:  At least 4 loads…..None of it folded or put away
Times children put in time out:  8
Hours slept past 6:30a:  1
Days I went to bed prior to 10:30:  0
Trips to Wal-Mart:  4
Massages:  1 (Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!)
Diapers changed:  30
Minutes late for preschool and dance classes:  15
Hours spent with clients:  5
Hours spent teaching classes:   3
Hours spent in meetings:  5
Hours spent on the computer:  Let’s not quantify that!
Hours spent cuddling with my family:  Not enough!
Protein shakes consumed:  10
Salads consumed:  10
Small Clif Bars consumed:  4
Mint Chocolate Gu consumed:  3
Ounces of gatorade consumed:  64
Ounces of water consumed:  Too many to count!
Hours spent doing dishes:  2
Number of meals prepared:  20

Remind me again how many hours there are in one day!  I believe I’m utilizing them all to their full potential.  Maybe I’ve done so well that I have earned an extra few hours this next week 🙂

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