2012 Ironman St. George Photo Blog

2012 Ironman St. George Photo Blog

Photos from Ironman St. George 2012!  

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  1. It is so neat to see how well you did at the Ironman! I am so happy for you and the achievement you were able to attain. Good luck at the Washington 70.3, you will rock it. I wanted to keep you posted on me and my journey. I am now at 55 lbs lost since January and feeling great! I am running my first 5k since I started this transformation next Friday the 25th at the Midnight 5k in STG. I am really excited to race and to finish. I have only been running for 8 weeks now and I completely love it. I know my time isn’t going to be amazing, but I think I should finish in about 32 minutes or so. It is not as fast as I want, but it is way better than the 50 minutes it took me to do a 5k last year when I was overweight and out of shape. I seem to be shaving 20-30 seconds off my mile time every couple of days this past week so maybe I will crack the 30, that is my true goal. I have really enjoyed following your posts and wish you good luck on your training. Oh, and I will be joining the dark polish required club very soon, lol


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      Jenn! YOU ARE AWESOME! Good luck with the 5K! I honestly think you are going to surprise yourself. That race has such a party atmosphere that will just carry you through. I’m so proud of you! Thanks for following my blog……I appreciate it! Take care and keep it up……AND keep me posted!

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