Cheers 2012!

Cheers 2012!

It has been a LONG time since I sat down to post.  There are lots of reasons why, but the biggest reason of all was I NEEDED A BREAK (and you didn’t need to hear me rant and rave)!  Mentally, physically, spiritually……in every aspect of my triathlon and real life……I needed a break.  With 2012 being the biggest and longest season of my entire triathlon career, I found myself barely hanging on come mid-October.  Even easy days and trying to relax didn’t help.  I needed to step away.  And that is what I did………

……….But 2012 is history…………..

That being said…….I hereby dub 2013 “THE YEAR OF FUN”.  Nothing but good times.  Less stress.  Less pressure.  Less Fuss.  It’s that simple.  I’m taking the “hard” out of hard-core 🙂  It is not that I want to have an “easy” season or reduce my training.  I just want to handle it with wink and a smile.  If I learned anything in the past 12 months, it is that all we have in our lives are our memories.  Sure, life sucks sometimes……but we choose…..I choose… to deal with it.  When we listen to our bodies and our spirits, we can weather the storms with grace and sanity.  Ears open.  Eyes wide.  On to a fresh start!

Things are shaping up on my 2013 racing calendar.  I will continue with my coaches at HT Training, Mahogani and Heath Thurston.  This week I started teaching my High Intensity Training Indoor Cycling Class (HIT for short) with over 40 AMAZING athletes from Southern Utah.  For the next 13-weeks we will be hammering it out, whipping my out-of-shape bottom back into shape (and maybe their too)!

I’m dabbling with doing an early season Duathlon, the Road Rage Duathlon, in February here in St. George.  Between hot yoga and lots of running rest, I’m hoping to be on top of this stiff hip that keeps being such a running PAIN (pun CLEARLY intended).  I may jump onto the triathlon scene this year with Leadman 125 in Tempe, AZ in April.  Then on to Ironman St. George 70.3 in May.  All this early season racing are “B” races for me.  Just for fun.  The purpose to shake off the cobwebs and play with my friends.

I will focus my efforts this year on Vineman (full distance) in July.  I’m SO EXCITED for the chance to train for another full iron distance event again.  I had the time of my life last Spring training for Ironman St. George.  The long distance, moderate intensity training suited me so well!  I LOVED IT!  I can’t wait to be in that place again where I enjoy every workout…..well almost every workout 😉

After Vineman I’m going to bring my focus to the St. George Marathon.  I need another stab at Boston and we all know the St. George Marathon course is the one that will tear your legs off, but give you a great chance at your qualifying time.  I will probably do some late season triathlons, such as the Utah Half (one of my yearly favorites), but my focus will be on the marathon.

Probably the most exciting news for 2013 is my partnership with Altra Running, the creators of Zero Drop Running Technology.  I will represent Altra this year as an “Altra Ambassador”.  This is a company I love, I trust and truly believe in (no shamless plug needed!).  If you haven’t heard of them, make sure to check them out.  If you have an you aren’t running in their shoes………..Send me a message.  I’ll convince you of why you need to give them a shot and also a discount code for your purchase!

So here we go 2013……….I’m excited to see what you have to offer!


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