Beginning April 9th, St. George Fitness will host Time Trial Workouts in St. George on the Southern Parkway.  Meet at Astragalus Drive at 6:00p.  First-rider starts at 6:20 with riders starting every :30 thereafter.  For more info, click here.


Check out the services St. George Fitness has to offer.

Personal Training Services
Services for individuals, teams or couples looking for personalized and professional training services.  From an introduction to basic exercises and wellness programs to specific plans to meet your personal weight loss and athletic goals.  Standard sessions are one-hour.  

Coaching Services
Specifically designed with the athlete in mind.  Personalized coaching services include monthly training plans, 1-hour consultation meetings each month and unlimited e-mail contact with coach.  Whether you are training for your first 5k or looking to improve your performance after years of competition coaching services can help take your performance to the next level.   Coaching services require a 3-month contract.  Plans are created monthly, not by event.  The following specific coaching services are available:

~Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon
~Short Distance Running Events (e.g. 5k, 10k)
~Century Cycling Events
~Half-Marathon or Marathon

Wellness and Lifestyle Management Services
Wellness and Lifestyle Management Services provide guidance regarding life-style changes to create more active and healthy environments for individuals and families.   

Wellness and Lifestyle Boot-Camp
5 day; 2-hour per day, Lifestyle Boot-Camp in a client’s home.  Includes workouts, healthy living recommendations and a one-month exercise and wellness plan to help a client reach fitness and weight-loss goals.

Wellness and Lifestyle Consultation
Consultation and evaluation of lifestyle to create a healthy-living environment in which to reach fitness and weight-loss goals.  

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Colleen also trains clients at the Washington City Community Center.  For more information on Community Center services and pricing call 435-656-6360.