DON’T ANSWER THAT DOOR! – Ironman Training Week 7

DON'T ANSWER THAT DOOR! - Ironman Training Week 7

This Week In Numbers:
Swim: 9750 yards
Bike: 50.20
Run: 23.85
Brick (Bike/Run): 42.47
Total Time:  13:17:22

Like the rest of you, it is hard to believe I am sitting here on December 19th, only days away from Christmas!  Where in the world did the Fall go!  I say it every season and I will continue to say it I guess.  Clearly, life is not about to slow down…….I might just ask Santa for a few extra hours added to my days 🙂

This week just flew by in a mess of workouts and holiday cheer (i.e. WAY TOO MANY CALORIES!)  I’m beginning to have a love-hate relationship with our front door.  I hear the doorbell ring in the late afternoon and evenings and my heart skips a beat.  I know what is on the other side of that door………Treats……..Carmel Popcorn ……….Fudge …………Cookies ………..Frosting ………Sprinkles ………..Cheese Balls………..Chips…………You name it!  If it is high in calories and divine to the taste, it is on the other side of that ringing door.  The kids rush by me in a whirlwind and if I’m lucky they will leave the visitor still standing on two feet while they attempt to devour whatever it is that is being offered 🙂  They have yet to kill anyone, but beware if you still are thinking of bringing us anything.  Wear gloves…….You may lose a finger!  Good thing I’m training for Ironman right now.  If I wasn’t, I would DEFINITELY be at least a dress size larger!  “Tis the season I guess.  I figure the late evening snacks are perfect fuel for my early morning workouts, so I’m trying to embrace them.  As my good friend Sarah said, “Hey!  There’s always January!”  Well said my friend.  Well said!

I snuck a few photos of my HIT class this past Tuesday to share!  The photos don’t really do the pain and anguish of this class the justice it deserves, but at least you get a feel for how we roll around here in the “off-season”……..Wait, it’s off season…….No one told ME!

This High Intensity Training Class is one-of-a-kind and it is AWESOME!  We haul our trainers and bikes and ride our guts out as a group once a week at the Washington City Community Center.  I teach a Tuesday morning and a Thursday evening class and couldn’t love them more.  With a bunch of roadies and triathletes……..let’s just say they keep me on my toes and keep me laughing (which, by the way, is extremely difficult when you are doing isolated leg training).  I JUST LOVE THESE GUYS & GALS and love to watch them work hard.  We are 6 weeks through a 14 week program.  When it is cold outside there is really no better way to ride!

HIT must be quite the spectacle!  I’m not sure if it is all the equipment, the one-legged riding, or the large pools of sweat, but HIT has become a spectator sport.  I kind of feel like the babies in the Maternity Ward with all those blank stares coming through the windows.  Our fans will get quite the eye-full this week as we celebrate the holidays in our BEST/WORST red and green cycling apparel.  Ha!  I will definitely be posting pictures 😉

The highlight of my week was breaking out my brand new pair of Altra Instincts in a BRAND NEW COLOR!  AWESOME!  I love these shoes.  These shoes love to run!  There shoes make ME love to run!  I honestly have never worn a shoe that I have NO COMPLAINTS about.  I had to get another pair so I could have one to kick around in during the winter (my Adam’s (barefoot model) were getting a bit chilly) and one to run in.  I honestly can’t put another pair of shoes on my feet without frowning.  Altra has ruined me for sure 🙂

The new shoes got a great break-in run on Friday on the St. George Ironman run course!  If you are planning for SGIM this year and are thinking this run course is going to be a piece of cake………..THINK AGAIN!  This course is for real!  It is not flat and it is not steep, combining to work your legs on a lot of gradual uphill stretches and not giving them much recovery on what you think should be easy downhill.  You have to WORK this course.  It will be a challenge!  Physically AND mentally!   I’m just glad I live in St. George and can train on it all Winter.

Our little family got out of Southern Utah this past weekend to head North for all the Christmas lights and shopping!  Besides being the busiest shopping weekend of the entire year and Syd deciding to come down with a fever the SECOND we left town, things were good.  I got to hang out over at the Thurston’s for a “bike in” with a few other HT Training athletes.  It may have been below 20 outside, but we warmed it up with Prince of Persia and 2 hours plus of riding.  I’m just so grateful to be a part of the HT Training family.  I don’t know what I would do without Mahogani and Heath.  They truly have made me into a different athlete and I CANNOT wait to see what the future may hold.  HT TRAINING ROCKS!

So another week in the books and I’m feeling great!  I’m still scared to DEATH of the Ironman race, but for now the training is AWESOME!  I feel like I am being challenged enough to keep it interesting, but not killing my body.  I’m sure the killing will start sometime soon, but for now I’m just enjoying the “Runner’s High” and lapping up every moment I have until Coach M throws down the hammer.

Here’s to a great Christmas!  If a nice outdoor bike ride is on your Christmas list this year……..just head to St. George…….Santa looks to be dishing up some pretty SWEET holiday riding conditions!




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