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A Toast to 2011 - Ironman Training Week 9 2 Comments Read more »

A Toast to 2011 – Ironman Training Week 9

This Week in Numbers Swim:  9400 yards Bike:  136.21 miles Run:  29.77 miles Total Time:  15:53:44 (I believe those hours a a record!) Two Thousand Eleven………Why did you leave us so quickly?  I had just gotten use to writing “11” at the end of the…

Christmas Hits the Wall - Ironman Training Week 8 Leave a comment Read more »

Christmas Hits the Wall – Ironman Training Week 8

This Week In Numbers: Swim:  6600 Bike:  102.72 Run:  18.76 Total Time:  12:15:03 Oh Goodness!  Christmas is here and my children have infected me with a cold  Yuck!  I played it safe this week when I realized that I didn’t feel that well after HIT…

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A Marathon of a Challenge #1 – Lake-to-Lake 50m Relay

And so it begins………My marathon challenge has commenced.  Over 10 years of distance running, I’ve completed 5 marathons:  Marine Corp 2001 and 2002, St. George 2007, 2009 and 2010.  So what possessed me to run 4 marathons in the span of only 3 months…….It all…

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This is why we are friends…….

Who do you call a friend….Someone who sends you a Tweet or Friend Request?  A neighbor who you can always count on for an extra egg, cup of sugar, or to take the baby monitor while you run a quick errand (I’ve always dreamed of…

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I have a disease…….

I believe I’m becoming more and more a gluten for punishment.  Over the past year, my running partner, Anni, and I have scheduled our long runs early Friday mornings.  Both of us were sick and tired of spending an entire Saturday consumed with long running.…

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The Tale of Two Weekends! Part Two….

Weekend #2 (February 12th) In December we got a little group together to run what would be my first relay race.  So much fun!  A relay is a perfect way to get a lot of people involved to accomplish a pretty impressive goal.  (See my…

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The Tale of Two Weekends! Part One….

Wow!  It has been way too long since that last post.  This is a BUSY time of the year (though I believe ALL times of the year continually get busier!).  Luckily I have kept to some sort of a training program and have actually (Gasp!)…

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My Week In Numbers

Running:  28.5 miles Indoor Biking (Trainer & Spin):  60 miles Outdoor Biking:  68 miles Swimming:  6000 meters Laundry:  At least 4 loads…..None of it folded or put away Times children put in time out:  8 Hours slept past 6:30a:  1 Days I went to bed…

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Mommy Needs a Time-Out!

What a week it has been?  If you are looking for an upbeat, motivational, post…….This is not going to be the one!  Sorry!  I need to vent….. As y’all know, last week started out with a BANG!  Truck exploded.  I managed to PR in the…

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The Anatomy of a Race

I’ve been thinking a lot about racing this week.   I’m currently involved in planning and organizing two upcoming events and working on my own race calendar for 2011.  This weekend is the annual St. George Half Marathon.  This race has been going on for…

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